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Aurora 64/66 Input

DAQ Outputs

DAQ document (DocDB DocDB]) describes various DTH modules.

DTH400: 16 (or 24) inputs (25 or 16 Gbps) and 400 Gb/s output

DTH1200: 48 (or 72) inputs (25 or 16 Gbps) and 1200 Gb/s output

In the document, Table 2.2 says we have the following for the inner tracker:

 4  BE crates
 2  DTH1200 per crate
 8  DTH1200 per subdet
 24 D2S links per crate
 96 D2S links per subdet

The document also says that there are 4 crates with 6 boards per crate. They calculate the output b/w based on 72 inputs at half-capacity or 72x10/2 = 360 Gb/s.

This requires 4x100 Gb/s output per board, or 16 links at 25Gb/s. The DAQ document does not address whether these are bidirectional links, but I think we can assume a minimum of one return fiber per 4 output fibers.