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Propose to develop a simple Raspberry Pi add-on "Hat" board with 5 Piezo drivers. The board would have (5) DRV2667 haptic driver chips. Each is controlled by I2C. The Pi has 2 official I2C interfaces, but probably best to just use the primary one. An easy way to control the 5 piezos is to use an I2C switch like the TCA9548A.

See the schematic on page 30 of the DRV2667 datasheet. We need 5 copies of this schematic (no MSP430) with the I2C busses connected to the ports of a TCA9548A.

Each Piezo needs a 4-pin output connector with GND, OUT-, OUT+ and BST.

BOM from existing design:

Ref =Value= =Their P/N= =Stock P/N= =DigiKey?=
C1 0.1uF 250V X7R C2012X7T2E104M125AA CGA4J3X7T2E104K125AE 445-8778-1-ND
C2 100uF CL31A107MQHNNNE C1206C107M9PACTU 399-5620-1-ND
C3 0.1uF 16V CL21B104MOCNBNC yes 1276-2452-1-ND
C4 1uF 10V CL14A105MP5NANC ECJ-UVB1A105M P11984CT-ND
L1 4.7uH 1.8A 20% LPS4018-472MR yes 994-LPS4018-472MRC (Mouser)
R1 768K ERJ-2RKF7683X yes P768KLCT-ND
R2 13k for 150Vmax ERJ-2RKF1302X P13.0KLCT-ND
R3 7.87k ERJ-2RKF7871X YES P7.87KLCT-ND
R4 4.7k EXB-24V472JX yes Y5472CT-ND
U1 DRV2667RGPT yes 296-38930-1-ND
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