Collection of random notes about the PicoZed and PicoZed FMC carrier

The FMC signals LA00-LA33 are routed as diff pairs from the JX1 and JX2 connectors on the PicoZed. They are all on banks 34 and 35, which are jumper-selectable for VCCO on the carrier via JP5. The default is 1.8V, but should be reset to 2.5V for a 7010 or 7020.

This voltage is routed to FMC VADJ pins G39, H40.

7010 or 7020

Banks 34 and 35 are "HR" (High Range) I/O type. This requires 2.5V VCCO for LVDS operation with on-board termination.


Banks 34 and 35 are "HP" (High Performance) I/O type. This requires 1.8V VCCO in all cases (and on-board LVDS termination is supported)

Other reference info:

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