This page documents an automated test setup for evaluation of prototypes.

Long-Term Stability Test

This is a simple test to verify the long-term stability of the HV generator and feedback circuit. The plan is to connect the HV monitor output to a high-precision volt meter to measure the DC stability, and to a digital oscilloscope to check for AC transients.

'Code Outline

  • Initialize GPIB interface and instruments
    • Volt meter: disable internal trigger, set to maximum resolution
    • Oscilloscope: Set to AC coupling, maximum input gain, segmented readout of 1k sample waveforms, AC trigger with low threshold
  • Every 1 second:
    • Take AC and DC voltage readings with meter
    • Poll oscilloscope for number of triggers and readout if necessary
  • Every minute
    • Trigger oscilloscope by software and readout


'GPIB Interface

This device provides access to the GPIB (aka IEEE-488) bus used by many instruments for remote control. See users manual ( See sample program volt_meter.c download to a linux machine (i.e. ohm):

  $ wget
  $ make volt_meter
  cc     volt_meter.c   -o volt_meter
  $ ./volt_meter
  Voltage: +05.1110E+0
  Voltage: +05.1110E+0

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