Working notes on

EDF Database

User authentication based on login username/pw for ohm. Uses an apache mod. To add a new user:

  • Add user to ohm
  • Edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/edfdb.conf
  • sudo service apache2 reload
  • Add user to 'emp' table in database with at least 'user' permissions
  • Set billing rate to a non-null value for user

BU IT is complaining about vulnerabilities on ohm, which is reasonable since it is running the now unsupported CentOS5 and a very old Drupal, amongst other things.

2018-02-13 Meeting with Guoan

Services on ohm we need to preserve / port:

  • IMAP server for my email (maybe no one elses?)
  • Basic web services including maybe a few CGIs like the CMS firmware database
    • Move public EDF page at to Wordpress (already started here (temporary link)
  • TWiki for CMS
  • Trac (mainly Wiki) for EDF
  • EDF legacy database

Work Log


Need WinXP virtual box running again. Root disk is pretty full on new machine, need to update. Meanwhile, delete /VirtualBox/HardDisks/Win7Test.vdi. From copy over /VirtualBox/HardDisks/WinXP-60GB.vdi.


Successful transfer! Ohm now running Ubuntu 16.04. Getting my multi-color page to work required dump/reload of GDBM database file in ...myPage/editPage/my_page.db and changing the file ownership to www-data.

Everything else seems OK so far.

Need to


Checkout some things with Guoan.

  • -- public stuff ok, can't log in, no users listed
  • -- seems OK
  • -- seems OK


Testing edfDB on The make_bill_sql.cgi executable in /var/www/edfdb/bin fails (fixed now).

Creating PDF of bills fails, need executable external_bill_new.cgi in /var/www/cgi-bin. It's a perl script, and I think now the problem is just that the server won't execute things in /var/www/cgi-bin. (fixed now)

Need to install html2ps and fix the bill printing script.

2018-02-21 My Wordpress effort declared good enough, requested to go live. Send Guoan some supporting libraries to build make_bill_sql.c

2018-02-13 Created Wordpress site and figured out how to do basic editing. Need to get a student to copy over more of the content, probably only a couple of days work.

Database: CGI scripts in use in /var/www/edfdb/bin:


  • public_html/mysql_not_here/edf/src
  • DB_fix_2010/mysql/edf/src
  • src/edfdb_src <-- most recent, 11/2/10


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