BU ID FAB ID Location History
0001 BU (Bad pile)
0002 BU (Bad pile) Had eco.
0003 BU (Assembly Shelf) ?
0004 BU (Assembly Shelf) ?
0005 BU (Bad pile) SM-001. Had eco.
0006 BU (Assembly Shelf)

Rev B

BU ID FAB ID Location History
0010 Cornell ? Using to test all blades up to after zynq boot. Previously zynq booted at varying rate. Final in SM009.
0011 Amherst ? LEDs did not light, replaced R1, fixed. Final in SM007.
0012 BU (Bad pile) SD Card Slot replaced. Weird behavior while testing SM007 after Zynq installed.
0013 BU (table) Blade 005. Table.
0014 BU (Bad pile) SD Card pins shorted
0015 BU (table)
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