My Nixie Clocks

What's next? In stock I have about 12 B-5092 nixies in various states, and even sockets! Dreaming of a clock with programmable RGB lights which can forecast weather, etc. Maybe a Z80 nixie clock!

Want 6 digits with all driven, so 60 outputs if not multiplexed. Also some big neopixel guys. Maybe:

  • Z80 CPU
  • Z80 PIO
  • Z80 DART (2 channels, 1 for WiFi? module, 1 for download/debug)
  • EEPROM (in-circuit programmable but with write protect)
  • RAM


  • DS1243Y - 8k x 8 NVRAM with real-time clock ($20 at Jameco)
  • DS1307 - 8 pin DIP I2C clock 5V ($4 at Jameco)
  • SN75468 - 7 channel HV driver
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