This is a project to develop an apparatus to measure the finger grip strength of monkeys in the laboratory of Doug Rosene at the BUMC. The idea is to build a device similar to that described in this article

An original proposal provided in May, 2009 included the following brief description which is still valid:

 Two grip measurement devices (for the left and right hands of the subject) will be equipped with
 aluminum tongs attached to strain-gauge type force sensors, and read out using custom
 electronics housed in a small operator console. The console will provide an LCD display and
 operator controls. The peak force exerted by the subject during a trial period will be displayed,
 along with the date and time. A few previous measurements may be stored in memory and
 recalled to the display. A simple computer interface will be provided for optional readout and
 storage of measurements. The entire apparatus will be housed in a Plexiglas box with two
 openings; one for each hand of the subject to reach the aluminum tongs (pinch mechanism)

This description is reasonably accurate, except that for cost saving reasons we propose to omit the date/time display and computer interface unless the additional cost is negligible.

Some further details:

  • Two sensors, right and left will be provided. They will be standard industrial strain gauges

similar to this one

  • A simple display box which displays the maximum force in Newtons, a left/right switch, and a reset button will be provided.
  • A calibration method will be provided to adjust the display output to read accurately in newtons.
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