Gerry Kane (in Ben Scott's lab) has asked for a quote to build some image sensor boards similar or even identical to the open-source MiniFAST.


The temporary files link contains files emailed by Jill Juneau at LSU (?) on 11/3/21. The plan (I believe) is to update the MiniFAST GitHub? to contain these files.


Met with Gary Kane today. Conclusion is that they will be testing some COTS board cameras and don't want to take any action before at least December. Here is some more dialog from the meeting:

  • Q: Have these boards been built before? Are we confident that the design files are 100% up to date?
    • A: Yes. Not certain but he can ask.
  • Note: parts availability might be an issue
  • Note: Andrew says 2-3 hours for redesign to 6L board. Won't increase cost/size/weight much.
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