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We developed a small breakout board to simplify bench test of the new mezzanine board. This board provides a convenient way to power the board, program the microcontroller and access the configuration interface.

The board requires 5V power. Connect the AVdd_in and DVdd_in together to +5V and AGND and DGND (jumpered already) to the supply GND terminal.

Use a Sparkfun FTDI serial breakout (like this one or this other one) to connect to a computer. Use a terminal emulator (minicom works well in Linux) set to 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, no handshaking.

Connect the mezz card to the board using a ribbon cable.

Power up the board, and you should see the microcontroller announce itself:

  MezzNg V1.0

See MezzNgMicrocontroller for details on the protocol.

Design Files

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