Schematic Notes

Please change polarized capacitor symbols to non-polarized symbols where ceramic caps are used. C1,C3,C10,C12,C15,C19,C105 '(Completed)

Please check polarity, and C7,C8,C93,C94,C95,C96,C97,C98,C99,C103,C136,C137 '(Completed)

Should HV op-amps have low-frequency bypass caps per Application Note 1

Layout Notes

Second Check (5/28)

Remove all "Preliminary" indications

Fix silkscreen spelling "Cation High Voltage". '(Completed)

U21 has pads and solder mask openings on both top and bottom - remove bottom items '(Completed)

First Check (5/16)

Remove ground plane isolation on HV region '(Completed)

Add smaller isolation with ~ 200 mil clearance around HV thru-hole pins/components. '(Completed)

Information block on DRD layer should have this additional information: '(Completed)

  PART#:  	STM-Z08
  LAYERS:       4
  THICKNESS:    0.063
  MATERIAL:     FR-4
  FINISH:       Sn/Pb Solder

Solder paste layers (SPT, SPB) are missing. They may not be used, but should be included. '(Completed)

Please change the labels along the top of the board for the copper layers as follows: '(Completed)

  TOP -> LAYER 1
  GND -> LAYER 2

The "Label???" for connector P12 should be "SERIAL INTERFACE". '(Completed)

On silkscreen, please move pin numbers for QFPs (U10,U29,U31) outside the footprint so they can be seen after the part is soldered. '(Completed)

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