V 1.0

  • R100 is missing and needs a 100ohm SMD805 resistor
  • R10 is missing and needs a 0.3 ohm SMD604 resistor (using an on-hand 1-ohm resistor)
  • DONE-SCH-PCB The TX + and - lines are swapped, so they need to be flipped
  • DONE-SCH-PCB Remove half-duplex resistors. (Setting to DNP)
  • DONE-SCH-PCB U6 clock pins 26/27, 18/19, 21/22 are swapped.
  • DONE-SCH-PCB DS1820 ground
  • DONE-SCH-PCB remove temp sensor extra power transistor setups (we can source the current from the FPGA)
  • DONE-BOM Convert TDC slow control interface to 3.3V from 2.5V if we make that change on the new integrated TDC board. (eventually rename from original i2c bus names)
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