V 1.0

  • DONE-BOM Update nine 0805 0.1 ohm resistors to correctly be 0805 and not 0805 wide (BOM)
  • DONE-SCH-BOM Swap 0.1 ohm resistor for 1.4 V monitoring for 0.05 ohm one
  • DONE-SCH-BOM Swap R41 for 3k resistor. (BOM)
  • DONE-SCH-PCB-BOM Add 1uF capacitors on all current monitor voltage dividers (ten in total)
  • DONE-SCH Update reset signal to correctly be not reset (just the name was wrong, called reset, but it was n_reset)
  • DONE-SCH-PCB-BOM Add 10 nF capacitor across R50
  • DONE-SCH-PCB-BOM Fix DS18B20U ground pin
  • DONE-SCH-BOM 1.4V regulator resistors to R27 = 1.8M and R25 = 300k
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