Met with Shivang Dave and Carlos Santago from plenoptika

Basic requirements:

  • Form factor about 0.4" x 0.8" x .04"
  • DC constant-current laser drive 0-80mA
  • CMOS 3.3V(?) logic enable (normally off, logic '1' to enable)
  • 3.3V power supply

Manufacturing in Spain, need to check about component technology preferences

Parts Parts Parts

  • Nidec Copal tiny 11-turn trim pot (e.g. SM-3TW104) is 3.9L x 3.5W x 4.2H mm
  • LM358 Op-amp in 8-DFN package (2x2 mm)
  • Dual NPN common emitter e.g. QS5W2 in SOT-25T pkg (3x3 mm)
  • NPN power BJT e.g. ZXTN2010ZTA in SOT-89 pkg (4.5x4mm)
  • Non-volatile digital pot e.g. MAX5128 (2x2mm)
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