Overview: For this test the voltage input of the Filament Supply RevB was connected to the output of the LV Mixer RevB. In this test the LV Mixer was tested at an operating Frequency of 1MHz.

Measurements: The same system for measurements on the filament supply was used as Filament Supply RevA 2/7/20.

LV Mixer RevB output: hv pics, insert lv pics
The first image shows the control signal and the LV output. The second image shows the output rise time of ~50ns. The third image shows the output fall time of ~200ns
Filament Current Supply RevB output:
In these two images you can see the linear behavior of the Filament Current supply. In the first image there is essentially no voltage gap between the top and bottom of the load, in this state no current is being pushed through the load. In the second image there is a 7V drop across the load. For this test the load was a 10W 10ohm cement resistor. As expected the voltage drop across the load scaled linearly between these two images as the potentiometer was adjusted. The full behavior of the Filament supply is described in more detail in this page
Results: These results are good. RevB of the LV Mixer and Filament Supply are both working properly.
Special Note on Noise:
Because of the circumstances having to do with the lock-down, The testing setup for these experiments was not ideal. The Tof Adapter is being powered by two wall voltage adapters stripped to their leads. The Offset Voltage is supplied with a KPS305D DC Power Supply. The Peak-Peak Voltage of the LV Mixer is being supplied with a voltage divider being split from the reads of a USB Mini phone charger. Additionally all of these are being plugged into a power strips as an ON/OFF switch. This setup is impressive and functional for a home testing setup, but it is not comparable to the test bench equipment at the EDF. This setup undoubtedly adds a lot of noise to the situation that I do not expect to be present in a more professional environment. It's a testament to the performance of the Boards that they all function properly despite the odds being against them.

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