LT584 programming notes

LT584 waveform template: template.txt read from instrument with "TEMPLATE?" command.


Initialization sequence extracted from VB software (

"Write" means to send a command and not expect a response.

"Query" means to send a command and read back a response.

  • Write Device Clear (++clr), wait 1 seconds
  • Write "*RST"
  • Wait
  • Query "*IDN?" and read identification string
  • Write "WFSU SP,0,NP,500000,FP,0,SN,0" (Waveform setup: send all data points, all segments)
  • Write "TRSE EDGE,SR,C1" (Trigger setup: edge trigger, channel 1
  • Wait
  • Write "TRDL 20PCT" (trigger delay: 20 percent)
  • Write "C1:TRCP AC" (trigger coupling)
  • Write "C1:TRLV 0.01V" (trigger level)
  • Write "C1:TRSL POS" (trigger slope)
  • Wait
  • Write "TRMD SINGLE" (single sweep mode)
  • Wait
  • Write "TDIV 1.0US" (horizontal scale)
  • Wait
  • Write "C1:TRA ON" (trace on)
  • Write "C1:VDIV 0.1V" (vertical scale)
  • Write "C1:ATTN 1" (1x attenuation)
  • Write "C1:CPL A1M" (AC 1M coupling)
  • Write "C1:OFST 0V" (no DC offset)
  • Wait
  • Write "SEQ ON,1000,500" (1000 segments of 500 points)
  • (delay 500ms)
  • Wait

The "Wait" operation can consist of sending the "*OPC?" command and waiting for the response (which should always be "1").

'Arm for Trigger

  • Write Device Clear (++clr)
  • Write "ARM"

'Check for Trigger

  • Query "INR?" (wait for bit 13 8192?

'Read trigger times

  • Query "C1:INSP? TRIGTIME'". Returns list of times (try it to get the format).
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