(Project on hold as of 1/5/18)

My name is Mikel Garcia-Marcos and I am an Associate Professor of
Biochemistry at the medical campus. I am writing to inquire about a
possible project. I would like to recreate something identical or very
similar to what is described in the attached manuscript (scroll down
to "Support Protocol 1: Construction of programmable LED light device"
on page 10 and the related Figure 2 on page 27).

Basically, I would like to build an array of LED lights that fits the
dimensions of a small plate used for culturing cells and that can be
controlled in terms of intensity and duration of "on" and "off"

Parts cost / sourcing

Qty Item Price Ea Total Link
1 Arduino Uno $22.00 $22.00
1 SainSmart LCD / keypad shield $11.00 $11.00 link
1 BuckBlock Luxdrive LED driver $18.00 $18.00 link
12 470nm LED module $6.00 $72.00 link
1 Power supply 15V 1.5A $18.00 $18.00 link e.g.
3 TIP120 darlington $0.85 $2.50 link e.g.
1 Other misc parts $10.00 $10.00
1 Custom PC board $100.00 $100.00 ExpressPCB Miniboard (lot of 3)
Total (est) $250.00


The original Arduino software uses analogWrite() to set the intensity. This is implemented using PWM on the Arduino at 490 or 980 Hz depending on the pins. 6 pins are available so 6 LED groups can be controlled independently (with modifications to the software which currently supports only 3 channels)

A mystery is that in the original design one LED controller is apparently shared by 3 groups of 12 LEDs. Perhaps only one group is ever on at once? Need to discuss with the customer.

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