Driving an eBay 640x480 LCD from a Digilent Basys 3. Built a breakout board to connect the 33 pin FFC cable to 3 PMOD connectors.

Another idea is to use a CMOD-A7. This has a 512Kx8 (asynchronous, easy-to-use) SRAM which is plenty for color video (12 bits at 640x480 for example). A pseudo-RAMDAC could trivially be implemented in the FPGA logic. A picoblaze could run the terminal logic.

Reproducing VGA modes (60Hz) (from blog

Mode Pixels Clock RAM Adx (256 color)
640x480 370k 25.175 MHz 18
800x600 480k 40.000 MHz 18
1024x720 922k 74.250 MHz 20
1920x1080 2.1M 148.500 MHz 21

Not sure how it would look, but one could do 80x60 with an 8x8 character cell.

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