This page describes the KFLARE light source, which is essentially a compact two-channel version of the FLARE laser illumination box. It will control two solid-state lasers using an identical control circuit to the four-channel Laser/TEC module. It will contain an integrated system controller and interlock logic similar to that used on the full-sized system. It will provide control for a Dolan-Jenner LMI-6000

Design Notes:

  • Output to white light source is 4 bits, optically-isolated from the system controller.
  • Voltage regulators need a bit of re-work. Most likely +6/-6 will be supplied and 3 regulators will be needed:
    • +5V digital (fixed positive 1A LDO 5V regulator)
    • +5V analog (fixed positive 0.25A LDO 5V regulator)
    • -5V analog (fixed negative 0.25A LDO 5V regulator)

Suggested connectors:

Power input:
  Terminal block, i.e. TE connectivity P/N 284506-8
  Mates with P/N 284512-8 on the PCB

LEDs and interlocks:
  D-Subminiature 9-pin female on PCB (male on cable)

2MM header for power supply controls (2 connectors)
  Molex P/N 87831-0820

Header for WLS encoder output (0.1" 2x5 header)
  TE connectivity P/N 5103308-1

Chassis temperature sensors (0.1" 1x6 header)
  Molex P/N 0022112062

Chassis fan (0.1" 1x3 header)
  Molex P/N 0022112032

Microcontroller ICSP headers (3 total, not wired in box)
  Harting P/N 09185066324

Laser/TEC output (2 total)
  Molex 26-40-4020

Laser fan (2 total)
  Molex P/N 0022112032

Laser thermistor (2 total)
  Molex P/N 0022112032

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