Initiation Sequence:

The initiation process only needs to occur once every time the board powers up or the reference capacitor changes. Before initiation, the reference capacitor must be connected to the board. After initiation, all measurements of capacitance will be centered around the reference capacitance used--invariably increasing the precision of measurements made close to that value. The board works best with a reference capacitance of around 100pF and cannot handle reference capacitors larger than 150pF. If no capacitor is connected during initiation, the reference capacitance will be the the capacitance of the open connection (essentially 0pF if no cable attached but much larger otherwise: a 6 foot cable can easily represent 100pF). The reference capacitance must be added to all measured capacitances to yield the full capacitance observed. Alternatively, the capacitance meter can simply be used to produce the difference between given test capacitors and the reference capacitor.

Measurement Sequence:

After completing the initiation, a measurement can be made every time a new capacitance value should be tested. The value produced will be the difference between the test capacitance and the reference capacitance. The reference capacitance must be added to the test capacitance if the full capacitance is desired.

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