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Ordered 15 IV-6 VFD tubes for a next-gen retro calculator. Need a new display board, reuse old keyboard part and CPU.


Other observations. Looking at Japanese IV-6 breakout board and Eagle design from Osh Park, looks like 32 mil holes on a 0.3-0.34 diameter circle are good. Front-face is either between pins 8 and 9 or pin 9 depending on who you believe. Spacing is around 0.538 (13.7mm) (Japan). Data sheet says tubes are 13mm max diameter.

Driver options:

Chip Package No Req'd Notes Price
UDN2891A or UDN2892A DIP 12+ Parallel 8 inputs $3.95 (Jameco)
MAX6920 SOT 8 Serial interface 12 outputs $4.82 (DigiKey)
HV518P DIP40 3 32-output serial interface $6.42 (DigiKey)
HV5812 DIP28 5 20-output serial interface $2.42 (DigiKey)