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Note that these instructions may be specific to but in principle should be generally applicable.

Start / Check CCM Server

The CCM server should normally be running. You can check with a ps/fgrep incantation:

  $ ps aux | fgrep ccm
  campbell 11538  4.3  2.7 1730236 441476 ?      Sl   Apr05 1675:00 bin/ngccm -s -p 64000 -d /tmp/heBU_0 -f etc/top_heBU_0.txt
  hazen    16591  0.0  0.0 112652   884 pts/4    S+   09:25   0:00 grep -F --color=auto ccm
  yashagg  31552  0.4  0.1 1089336 28984 ?       Sl   Apr21  73:00 /opt/ngFEC/ngccm-0.0.12-02.el6/opt/ngccm/bin/ngccm -c -p 64000

It's a bit confusing because the command-line tool has the same name (ngccm) as the server. The server is the line with the "-d /tmp/heBU_0" option.

If there is no server running, you can start it with:

  $ /opt/ngFEC/

However, you may have to fiddle with file ownership as currently it is set up to run as user 'campbell'.

After starting the cli, it is suggested to enter the commands:


to switch on a tabular view instead of strict one line output for one line input and to add a timestamp to the output

Run CLI (command-line interface) to CCM server

  /opt/ngFEC/ngFEC.exe -c -p 64000

There is some command documentation here: (not that I found it all that useful!)

Read all fec registers

  tget fec-fg fnrR1

Force update of cached register values

  tput fec-fg short

will force an immediate "short" ( ie read only register and sensor value ) readback

tput fec-fg long

will force an immediate "long" ( ie readwrite register ) readback

Read fiber link status on ngFEC

get fec-sfp[2-7]_status.RxLOS_rr

This displays the "LOS" (loss of signal) for each fiber SFP from top to bottom.

Load new ngFEC Firmware

  tput fec-fg go_offline
  boot fec ....file.bit
  .... wait till finished
  tput fec-fg go_online

Read/update a specific value

tput fec-fg short
get fec-LHC_clk_freq

Turn front-end power on/off =

put HE2-bkp_pwr_enable 1
put HE2-bkp_pwr_enable 0

Read front-end temps/voltages etc

tget HE2-cg fnrR1