wiki:Gizmo schematic errors

This lists differences between the gizmo as built and the current draft of the schematic here

  • The DATA and CLOCK labels on the schematic are wrong and should be flipped.
  • Data going to the 12-bit fine time DAC does not travel through the shift register, but goes directly from data in to both the shift register and the 12-bit DAC
  • There is a separate input line that provides the load signal to the 12-bit DAC
  • DAC (for fine setting) part number is incorrect. It should be MX7543, not MAX7543.
  • (Data sheet:

In addition to the schematic errors, all output signals from software should be reversed compared to what is detailed in the gizmo note. For example, LD_DAC and Clock should strobe low. We suspect this is because there were previously inverters in the signal chain which are no longer being used.

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