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Pin mapping for GPIO board. 10 pairs of signals are used, though they are not used as pairs for GPIO. All should be designated as LVCMOS_25 type and assigned as input or output as given below. The "Conn" column indicates the connector or pin on the GPIO board itself.

Zynq DIFF  Conn         Direction

P15  0P    SMA-J1       Input
E18  1P    SMA-J2       Input
L19  2P    SMA-J3       Input
M17  3P    SMA-J4       Input

L16  4P    J9-23        Input
G17  5P    J9-21        Input
G19  6P    J9-19        Input
K14  7P    J9-17        Input

H15  8P    J9-13        Output
L14  9P    J9-15        Output

P16  0N    SMA-J5       Output
E19  1N    SMA-J6       Output
L20  2N    SMA-J7       Output
M18  3N    SMA-J8       Output

L17  4N    J9-1         Output
G18  5N    J9-3         Output
G20  6N    J9-5         Output
J14  7N    J9-7         Output

G15  8N    J9-9         Output
L15  9N    J9-11        Output