• Cloned the FUZIX repository
  • Got tools from here
  • Installed m68k-uclinux-gcc, m68k-uclinux-binutils, {{{m68k-uclinux-elf2flt}}.
  • Set target to tiny68k
  • Try 'Make'
    • Fails on elf2flt. Edit ...FUZIX/Applications/util/Makefile.68000 change elf2flt to m68k-uclinux-elf2flt
    • Never mind, appears in many places, try a symlink as:
  $ cd /usr/bin
  $ sudo ln -s m68k-uclinux-elf2flt elf2flt

Now the make succeeds!

Looking at the Musashi simulator here:

  • Clone to ~/Toys/68kSystem/Musashi on home. De-git and move to EricHome/68kSystem/Musashi in svn.
  • Builds with no problem
  • The example code osd_linux is completely broken. Replace it and fix a few things. Now it runs!
  • Grab EASy68k. Windows but works fine in wine.
  • Installed srecord package.

Build using EASy68k and EASyBIN makes a binary file which runs in Musashi. Now we're all set to create a disk-based system and run an OS, ha ha ha!

Here's a promising simple monitor:

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