This page has documentation for the front panel board on the APOLLO blade service module. This is a small PCB which provides a reset/control button, USB console interface and uSD card.

Notes for Rev D

Restarting January 2022

  • Rev C schematic: Blade_FP.pdf
  • Schematic page for the SM Rev2a FP board interface pdf
    • J207 is 1.8V only and these six GPIOs go directly to the Zynq!
    • J40 signals LED_SCL, LED_SDA, LED_RST, and FP_BUTTON are 3.3V and go directly to the Zynq and can be GPIOs
    • J46 signals can ONLY be used for an SD card (you can use the ground pins)
  • FrontPanelDisplayTest -- proposed board to test out displays

Proposed changes:

  • Remove the SD card and associated circuitry.
  • Add the new SM connector for more I/Os
    • This is a third header connector next to the existing two
  • Possibly re-think the display... replace LEDs with a small OLED screen?
  • Maybe add a small GPIO connector


  • Possible displays:
    • DigiKey 3837-ELW0501AB-ND (OLED 0.5 inch class with flexi cable)
    • DigiKey 516-1173-5-ND (4 character 5x7 matrix LED) Broadcom HCMS-2903
      • DigiKey A803AR-ND right-angle socket
  • 1S7BE_0305S6U - 3.3V/5V DC/DC converter

Display options (below). I think the 4-character 5x7 matrix is probably the best. It's footprint is a convenient DIP-12 of standard size. Unfortunately the nice right-angle socket probably doesn't fit (have to double-check) so we would need to make an additional small right-angle PCB to hold the display.

The OLED screen is cool but availability of the displays and in particular the connectors is iffy.

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