Hi Eric and Sam,

Here is a link to files that I have saved from the Lecroy Wavesurfer 452 (500MHz 2GS/s).

The two directories are as follows:

  • a digitized signal of noise from a single preamp (#1) in a single

channel (#1 - which is just the farthest wire from the summing amplifier)

  • a series of signal readouts when providing the chamber with test

pulses. All of these readouts are from the summing amplifier. the file name format is that it lists the preamplifier used (these are the second generation preamplifiers - there is a number marked in sharpie on the upper left corner of each preamplifier), and the wires that they are placed on respectively (again, wire #1 being the farthest away from the summing amplifier, then the voltage of the pulse that was entered.

I realize that this first attempt to pass signal information to you will probably be riddled with some ambiguities or problems that we need to get cleared up. I might need to give you the total digitization scale for the voltage, although I thought it may be clear from the numbers how it digitized. Lets just take a look at these and see if there is a better way to pass things over.

Right now we are getting ready for a run of the chamber with HV and an argon environment, so background, alpha, and neutron-lithium interactions will be forthcoming.



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