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EDF Camera 1 Software

I have written a few simple programs for readout of the CCD camera. Currently the camera is connected to a private network on the EDF test machine ' so all tests must be run there.

The software is kept in a subversion You can access the repository using this web link

To get the latest version in a working directory on a linux machine, type:

  $ svn co svn://

To compile the programs, type:

 $ cd EDF_Camera1
 $ make

Please see the file 'README.txt for up-to-date information on how to run each program.

Capturing Images

To capture an image from the camera, first please make sure it is in single-frame mode (switch 1 only is on).

 $ ImageCapture -c test.pgm

This will capture an image using the current settings of the camera in PGM format and store it in the file 'test.pgm.

To see a (text) histogram of the pixel values in the file, type:

 $ pgmhist test.pgm

To convert the image to PNG format for convenient viewing, type:

 $ pnmtopng test.pgm > test.png

To equalize the histogram (maximize contrast) and convert, type:

 $ pnmhisteq test.pgm | pnmtopng > test_eq.png

To view a png image, using eog, type:

 $ eog test.png