Two experiments:


The following boxes/instruments need to be constructed for Xuetao in 2019:

Metastable Helium

  • TOF box (pulse output only, no detector readout) (custom)
    • Trigger signal out to TDC
  • Filament PS for Exciter (? not sure) ~1A for indirectly heated cathode (custom) (one fil. end is at Cathode potential)
    • Can be same supply as for regular helium e-gun, pulsed at 200V
  • 200V bias supply for HV pulser
  • HV pulser (Bill's design with transformers) (custom)
    • Update design if needed ("high-side" FET drivers?)

Regular Helium

  • TOF box (pulse output and TDC input (custom)
  • Filament supply (same as BU) (custom)
  • Quad PS (commercial power supplies)
  • LV pulser (same as BU) (custom)
  • Preamplifier (need input signal specs) (custom)

Older version of list for BU

  • TOF box
    • FPGA board with pseudo-random pulser and TDC; controlled via USB/serial I/F
    • Pulse input from detector preamp (also supplies preamp power)
    • 0..-25V manually adjustable supply for cathode offset (with panel meter)
  • Filament supply
    • Isolated supply, 0-3A constant current (?)
  • HV Pulser / Mixer
  • LV Pulser / Mixer
  • Preamp (MCP)
  • Preamp (Channeltron)
  • E-Gun power supply

On 5/30/19, Michael visited. He says only the first 4 boxes are needed. Xuetao will not use the Channeltron because he has a huge MCP.

For the "Regular" experiment, we use the MCP preamp and LV pulser

For the "Metastable" experiment, we use the Channeltron preamp and HV pulser

Photos (by board/box):

Photos (raw):

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