Two experiments:

  • "Regular Helium Atom Scattering" (using microchannel plate) Diagram
  • "Metastable Helium Atom Scattering" (using channeltron) Diagram

The following boxes/instruments need to be constructed:

  • TOF box
    • FPGA board with pseudo-random pulser and TDC; controlled via USB/serial I/F
    • Pulse input from detector preamp (also supplies preamp power)
    • 0..-25V manually adjustable supply for cathode offset (with panel meter)
  • Filament supply
    • Isolated supply, 0-3A constant current (?)
  • HV Pulser / Mixer
  • LV Pulser / Mixer
  • Preamp (MCP)
  • Preamp (Channeltron)
  • E-Gun power supply

For the "Regular" experiment, we use the MCP preamp and LV pulser

For the "Metastable" experiment, we use the Channeltron preamp and HV pulser

Photos (to be sorted):

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