Time of Flight


Two experiments:

Notes on testing

Full Testing

RevB Testing

  • HV RevB Testing ToF adapter RevB -> HV RevB -> Filament Supply RevB
  • LV RevB Testing ToF adapter RevB -> LV RevB -> Filament Supply RevB


The following boards have components and features which may need to be tuned when first assembling the system. Below are descriptions of the adjustable features on each board and relevant equations for tuning the functions of the boards.

Other boards in this project should not need to be adjusted but relevant notes on the boards can be found below.

Notes on Revisions

Wiring - WIP

  • DB9 - Twisted pairs
  • DB15 - Twisted pairs
  • BNC - 1 BNC -> open wires, X BNC -> BNC
  • Minifit Jr - 2x2, 2x1
  • FPGA Header - look this up

The following boxes/instruments need to be constructed for Xuetao in 2019:

Regular Helium

Metastable Helium

  • TOF box (pulse output only, no detector readout) NewTOFBox
    • Trigger signal out to TDC
  • Filament PS for Exciter (? not sure) ~1A for indirectly heated cathode NewFilamentSupply (one fil. end is at Cathode potential)
    • Can be same supply as for regular helium e-gun, pulsed at 200V
  • 200V bias supply for HV pulser
  • HV pulser (Bill's design with transformers) NewHVPulser
    • Update design if needed ("high-side" FET drivers?)

Older version of list for BU

  • TOF box
    • FPGA board with pseudo-random pulser and TDC; controlled via USB/serial I/F
    • Pulse input from detector preamp (also supplies preamp power)
    • 0..-25V manually adjustable supply for cathode offset (with panel meter)
  • Filament supply
    • Isolated supply, 0-3A constant current (?)
  • HV Pulser / Mixer
  • LV Pulser / Mixer
  • Preamp (MCP)
  • Preamp (Channeltron)
  • E-Gun power supply

On 5/30/19, Michael visited. He says only the first 4 boxes are needed. Xuetao will not use the Channeltron because he has a huge MCP.

For the "Regular" experiment, we use the MCP preamp and LV pulser

For the "Metastable" experiment, we use the Channeltron preamp and HV pulser

Photos (by board/box):

Photos (raw):

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