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Design problems found in Rev B

  • Pad under DRV2667 is not grounded and does not have thermal vias per page 37 of the datasheet
  • The boost capacitor (C2, C16 etc) is not rated for high voltage (should be 250V X7R or X5R type)
    • Only X7T (+22/-33% tol) are available in 0805 package. Otherwise need 1206 package :(
    • Temporarily use: DigiKey 445-8778-1-ND (TDK CGA4J3X7T2E104K125AE "CAP CER 0.1UF 250V X7T 0805")
    • Should change footprint to 1206
  • The bulk capacitor (C6 etc) should be X5R or X7R type and probably rated higher than 6.3V