• Muon week indico
  • FELIX: Email today please to try to set up meeting with Giovanna or one of the other folks about FELIX for phase 2 (ref email)
    • Giovanna said we can mix tx/rx links in whatever numbers we want.
    • The FELIX stream is set by us. She said different groups want different and differently sized data and that we provide the FW block that passes on the TTC info we want.
  • Meet briefly with Philippe Farthouat (ATLAS electronics coordinator) and maybe show him 1 or 2 slides on the blade plan. Let him know you will attend the Friday board brainstorming meeting.
  • Michigan guys: Say hello to Junjie Zhu or Tom Schwartz from Michigan please talk with them about the CSM FPGA vs LpGBT plans


  • See Magnus Hansen (CMS Elx coordinator) and fill him in on Blade design/progress (maybe with Jeroen)
  • See Jeroen Hegeman (near Magnus' office)
    • Pick up prototype new AMC13 to bring home for testing
    • Ask for update on new TTC/TTC plans for CMS
  • See Greg Iles (office next to Magnus) and/or Mark Pesaresi (Serenity guys)
  • Visit Attila Racz and/or Domique Gigi in the CMS DAQ group


  • Meet Julian Mendez for updates on IPMC and LpGBT-FPGA.
  • Visit ProtoDUNE

To steal from Magnus:

  • HDMI to SMA breakout:
  • An FC-7 module (Indara Suarez needs it for CMS muons and can (eventually) pay for it)

Tuesday Oct 23

  • 9h (Electronics at 4:45) BIS78 and Phase 2 upgrades Indico

Friday Oct 26

  • 11h - CMS Inner Tracker DAQ (Mainly introduce yourself to Stefano Mersi and Stella Orfanelli) indico
    • Stefano is in charge of the CMS temporary MicroTCA DAQ which our IT-DTC will eventually replace
    • Stella is in charge of "services" and data simulation / data volume / link counting etc for the CMS tracker
  • 15h - Board design for Phase II - Brainstorming Indico
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