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xDCFEB Test Firmware

This page describes firmware to run on an FC-7 MicroTCA module for testing XDCFEB boards for the CMS muon system. See CSC DCFEB main project Wiki page for some links to documentation.

The XDCFEB contains a GBTx ASIC and a Virtex-6 FPGA. The GBTx is used to download configuration data to the FPGA.

A transmit buffer of 512 words of 116 bits (84 bits GBT_DATA plus 32 bits WB_EXTRADATA).

A receive buffer of the same size.

Control registers / bits as follows:

Transmit enable (1 bit)

when '1', transmit data from the transmit buffer continuously

Receive enable (1 bit)

when '1', receive data from the receive fiber Data is stored continuously in circular buffer until receive enable turned off or trigger condition met

Status register

Firmware revision PLL lock status as appropriate GBTx core status bits Provide useful status bits from the SFP state including LOS and "module present" indication

Receive dat trigger

Capture mask (116 bits) - a '1' indicates receive data compared against match register Capture match (116 bits) - value to match

When receive data matches capture value, receive 256 words and then stop

Write pointer (9 bits)

Address of last word written in receive buffer.