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  • The shelf manger is at This conflicts with something from the rarp server running on cmssun1, so shut it down if you want to talk to the shelf manager.

Sending Raw hex commands to read sensor data:

The following example uses the ipmitool raw command to get temperature data from FanTray 1

The argument 0x04 signifies SensorEvent

The argument 0x2d means read sensor data

235 is the sensor number, in this case the temperature reading for FanTray1.

[bkilian@cmssun1 ~]$ ipmitool -I lan -H -P "" -t 0x20 raw 0x04 0x2d 235
 17 c0 c0

The first value displayed, 17, is the HEX value of the temperature. c0 c0 signify the sensor status and the state mask.

  • Fan Speed

To read the fan speed of the FanTrays, use as the final argument:

240 - FanTray1

241 - FanTray2

242 - FanTray3

243 - FanTray4

The resulting hex value multiplied by 46 is the fan speed in RPM. For example,

[bkilian@cmssun1 work]$ ipmitool -I lan -H -P "" -t 0x20 raw 0x04 0x2d 243
 2c c0 c0

gives us 2c, or 44, for fan speed. The actual fan speed is 44*46 = 2024 RPM

  • Temperature

To read the temperature of each fan, use as the final argument:

235 - FanTray1

236 - FanTray2

237 - FanTray3

238 - FanTray4

The first number that is output is the hex value, in degrees Celsius, of the exhaust of the fan.

Further examples (not specific to our shelf) using ipmitool raw can be found here.


  • The COB's insertion lever's sensor is broken and you must run clia commands to install/uninstall it. This involves commands typed into the shelf manager (talk to Dan)

To install: Insert COB as you normally would and then run the following command to tell the shelf the lever is correctly set

clia sendcmd 0x96 0x2e 0x08 0x0a 0x40 0x00 0x00 0x01

Where 0x96 is the IPMI address for the physical slot 2 and logical slot 11

To remove: Type the following command to simulate the lever being opened

clia sendcmd 0x96 0x2e 0x08 0x0a 0x40 0x00 0x00 0x00

Wait for the COB state to be inactive and then remove it physically.


2016-09-12 Dan

config file updates for sane fan trays


#CARRIER_OPTIONS="USE_DEFAULT_COOLING=TRUE" # enables default cooling strategy (non-zoned)
CARRIER_OPTIONS="USE_DEFAULT_COOLING=TRUE" # enables default cooling strategy (non-zoned)




# COOLING_FAN_DECREASE_TIMEOUT = 0                                            
# COOLING_FAN_INCREASE_TIMEOUT = 0                                            
#COOLING_POLL_TIMEOUT =30                                                       
COOLING_POLL_TIMEOUT =5                                                       


  • Using a POT, the power shelf output voltage was set to 48V
  • Controller pinout
J1 pin/color Arduino pin use
13/brown SCL_0
15/red SDA_0
18/white Alert#_0
19/orange \EN_B
21/blue \EN_A
20/brown ground
22/red ground
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