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Project APOLLO This is a project to develop a common ATCA blade which can be used for readout and triggering applications in LHC experiments. It is named after the Apollo program CSM spacecraft which separated into Command and Service modules. Photos

Debug Log


Rev 2b

  • Not yet built

Rev 2a

Dan, where is the documentation?

Rev 2

Rev 1/A

  • Rev 1 Schematics:
  • Comments / ECOs
    • EN_ONE_JTAG_CHAIN should have a pull-up/down and/or jumper so something sensible happens when the IPMC is not installed or programmed.
    • Serial comms between Zynq and CM should be possible without IPMC intervention.
    • How to turn on payload power with no IPMC installed/running?
    • JTAG (and other GPIO) signals must obey ENABLE/READY to avoid driving CM logic when not powered
    • ServiceModuleRevAECOList -- list of ECOs for the Rev A service module





Remote Users

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Aux boards

Reference Material

Firmware Reference

ApolloHistory -- older stuff

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