Useful email from R. Kellogg on 11/12/18:

Dear HCAL Documenters,

Since afs is soon going our of service, I have migrated the HCAL documentation site: /afs/ ( to:

/eos/project/c/cmsweb/www/hcaldocs/document (

I have added you to the eGroup cms-eos-web-hcaldocs, which should grant you write and delete privileges to this eos directory. Please give it a try.

I will be doing some reorganization of the site, since HCAL developments have long-since outgrown its original structure. I hope you will not get lost when making changes.

eos is mounted directly on lxplus, and can also be synched to your local machine via cernbox. I have managed to make all this work, and I hope you will be able to as well. Perhaps you can get some hints from my log: starting on 06-nov-2018, although our exact circumstances are bound to differ.

Yours, Dick

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