This page documents the power supply board for the FLARE CCD camera. It must provide the following voltages

'Voltage Use Total Current Destination Notes
-5V Horizontal Clocks 810mA CCD Boards See CCD spec p25, not clear what V should be!
-9V Vertical Clocks 105mA CCD Boards -8.5...-9.5 per spec
+12V Vertical Clocks 36mA CCD Boards +11.5...+12.5 per spec
+3V Reset Gate 30mA CCD Boards +2.5...+4.0 per spec
-3V Reset Gate 30mA CCD Boards -1.5...-3.5 per spec but diff must be <= 5V
+15V CCD output amps and R(d) (12V via r-divider) 300mA CCD Boards +14.5...+15.5 per spec
+3.3V AD9928 supply 300mA CCD Boards Should be 3.0V
+30V Substrate Bias 12mA CCD Boards +29...+40 per spec, shutter V(H)
+5.5V Regulator Bias 50mA FPGA Board
+3.6V All FPGA, MGT, SFP, DDR3 2.5A (WAG) FPGA Board
+3.6V TECs and Motors 7.5A (abs max) TEC/Motor Board

Current power-up and power-down sequencing must be observed. The power input is 24V bulk from the cart. A microcontroller provides control and monitoring, and is connected to the FPGA board by a 9600 baud asynchronous serial link.

ECOs (Errors) in V1.0 Layout

  • Pins 11, 12 are swapped on J4, J5, J7 (power headers for CCD boards)
  • Missing pull-up resistors (10k) on I2C bus (SDA, SCL)
  • Change Pull-down to pull-up on EN_3.6V (R34).
  • Add two additional pins to 3.6V output for TEC/SMC board. _confirm final pinout_
  • Add pull-down discharge resistor on -9V (VL). _check others_
  • Fix resistor divider for +15V (now +15.85 nom, 16V observed) Max for AD9928 is +17.5, so maybe ok?
  • Change -3.0 to -2.0 ??



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