wiki:CMS CM uC

Programming instructions

The programmer used is a Segger JLink cable: [] The drivers and software can be downloaded [


To load a new .bin file to the uC, use the Segger JLink cable plugged into the front panel JTAG connector and run the JFlashLiteExe program.

You will have to select the uc: TM4C1290NCPDT and set it to JTAG, then use the default options and point it at your .bin file. Programming takes a few seconds.

Building instructions

To build the code from source, install gcc-arm-none-eabi

Then download and unzip freeRTOS

curl -L -o

unzip -q -d freertos-code

Before you build, set the two enviornment variables to poin tat freerot

export FREERTOS_ROOT=$PATH_TO/freertos-code/FreeRTOSv10.2.1/FreeRTOS/Source

export FREERTOS_PLUS_ROOT=$PATH_TO/freertos-code/FreeRTOSv10.2.1/FreeRTOS-Plus/Source?

Now type "make" in the top folder. If you build in a lower directory, you won't generate everything needed to build.

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