This is a project to develop an inexpensive, portable incubator for infants. An existing prototype has been developed using an ATMega328 microcontroller.


Current working proposal is to use an inexpensive SoM such as the Neo. This is a dual-core (ARM cortex M4 and A9) processor with two sets of Arduino-like I/O pins. It would be mounted on an interface board (face down, likely). The interface board would contain all necessary electronics.

Here is an approximate inventory for I/O required (see spreadsheet):

  • Touchscreen
  • Video (HDMI)
  • USB
  • UART
  • ~4 GPIO
  • ~8 PWM (some high power)
  • ~4 I2C
  • ~8 unknown sensors (probably I2C)
  • 2-3 SPI
  • ~8 temperature sensors
  • ~4 ADC inputs (power supply and battery voltages)

Some observations:

  • Essentially everything

SoM options (theirs)

SoM options (mine)

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