This is a new version POV device with full color LEDs and Arduino compatibility. There's also a 3 axis accelerometer to synchronize the message with the motion of the device.


Design Documentation

2017 Updates


  • Parts Kits
  • ATMEGA328s
  • Batteries
  • 6 soldering irons
  • 6 sets cutters, pliers
  • VOM
  • solder
  • practice boards and parts
  • Directions
  • Eric's laptop and programming cable

2016 Volunteers

  • Dan Gastler
  • Siliva Zhang
  • Joseph Beaupre
  • Joshua Bassin
  • Aily
  • Zach C

Firmware Details

AVR Fuses should be set as follows:

Lfuse: 0xe2
Hfuse: 0xd9
Efuse: 0x07

Download the trunk version of firmware from here:

  • Type "make status" to display fuses and other general info
  • Type "make fuse" to set fuses if incorrect
  • Type "make flash" to download blinky code

Note that the makefile in SVN is for an ATMega328 (not ATMega328P as used in Arduino, etc). The only required change for an ATMega328P is to change the line:

DUDEMCU = m328
DUDEMCU = m328p

in the Makefile. Depending on the OS and programming cable you may also have to change the line

DUDEPORT  = -c avrispv2 -P /dev/ttyACM1 
DUDEPORT  = -c avrispv2 -P usb

(or possibly /dev/ttyACM0... see output of 'dmesg')

After-Event Notes

  • Fix LED footprints
    • linear row of holes in the right order, about .065 spacing
    • oval pads maybe .08 x .03?
  • Maybe move accelerometer onto a breakout like this
  • Consolidate R, C values
  • Put programming website on the silkscreen!
  • Auto sleep after a while and/or LED activity when not moving
  • Add Arduino bootloader
  • Work on display timing so it works better with longer messages

Parts Notes

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