This page documents a new mezzanine card design for ATLAS MDT chambers. This mezz card will use the original BU/Harvard MDT-ASD chips and new TDC ASIC developed by the University of Michigan.

User/Programming Documentation

Design Issues

From Markus Fras, e-mailed 6/1/2017:

These are the signals I found inverted:

If You look at the 40-pin connector, the *p and *n lines are swapped compared to the MDT316 card.

Board Inventory

Unfortunately did not update this when shipping out boards :(

1 Mich 1.2 TDC installed, seems ok
2 Mich 1.2 TDC installed, seems ok
3 Mich 1.2 TDC installed, seems ok
4 Mich 1.2 TDC installed, seems ok
5 AZ 1.2 TDC installed, seems ok
6 AZ 1.2 TDC installed, seems ok
7 BU 1.2 Damaged in shipment: repaired but no J400
8 BU 1.2 TDC installed, seems ok

Guessing that 9, 10 were sent to U of M on 2/6/17. S/N 7 was sent to AZ and damaged in shipping. Repaired by Chris, but uC programming connector J400 is irretrievably damaged.

In 5/2017, S/N 1-6 were sent to Michigan and Arizona

Design Files

Reference Documents

Design Notes

  • Layout should respect dimensions given in this drawing: mdt-446-dimension.pdf
  • All passive components can be 0402 size unless otherwise indicated
  • Referencing drawing, place/route in red (analog) area should be kept as close as practical to the original layout. The green (digital) area may be expanded as suggested to fit new voltage regulators (VR3, VR4) which should go in the digital area.
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