Programming the IPMC


IPMC information can be found side-by-side with the code, in the README file.

Possible MAC Addresses

We were assigned a block of MAC addresses as follows for another project (Super-K). In the Super-K application, bits 0-1 were always zeros, bits 2-23 were taken from a serial number chip.


We propose to use the address range below for APOLLO (16k addresses):

00-50-51-ff-00-00 to 00-50-51-ff-ff-ff

Or, in more details:


Y: IPMC or Zynq ports (0000, 0001, 0010, 0011, as explained below)

XXX: Number of the Service module

I further propose to assign 4 addresses to each blade, with the low 2 bits as follows:

 00 - IPMC
 01 - Zynq port facing Ethernet switch
 10 - reserved for 2nd Zynq port
 11 - reserved

Some examples:

IPMC of the SM1: 00-50-51-FF-00-01
ZYNQ port facing Eth sw of the SM1: 00-50-51-FF-10-01
IPMC of the SM2: 00-50-51-FF-00-02
ZYNQ port facing Eth sw of the SM2: 00-50-51-FF-10-02
IPMC of the SM15: 00-50-51-FF-00-0F
ZYNQ port facing Eth sw of the SM15: 00-50-51-FF-10-0F
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