wiki:Apollo RevB Bring-up


Apollo SM rev2


  • Enclustra 7 series fits
  • Enclustra USP series fits
  • Slides into 1-U shelf.
  • SSD fits (needs standoff)
  • CM mech model fits

Base resistance

12V0 10k
3V3 STBY 64
3V0 25k
4V5 25k
1V8 1.3k
3V3 365
1V8Z 3.8k
3V3Z 3.4k
3VZ 25k
4V5Z 12.8k
-48VA 36k
-48VB 36k


  • places C56 across U21 pins 3 and 4. (478-9265-1-ND)
  • C55 C58 removed
  • C608 placed at C35's location
  • Wire from Zynq POR R230 to U209 pin 7 @R356
  • Change R257 to 5.1k and R258 to 12k (further fix with either new U209 or resistor divider on both inputs of U209) (U209 diff inputs only work starting at about 1.3V, not 3.3 doh!) Possibly switch to using a TPS3895 for power up.

Power up

  • Nothing installed: 48V @ 0.06A (1A trip, 0.5A limit)


  • Adding 12V en jumper: 48V @ 0.12A (same trip/limit)


12V OK

  • Changing CLPD JTAG port to local power for test. (swap R640 & R641)

Yay! the CPLD came up on the boundary scan

Moving the CPLD JTAG back to Zynq


  • IPMC didn't explode.
  • Seems like the blue LED is red...
  • Adding ESM for network access
  • 2020-10-08
  • latest fw isn't working, going back to modified no shelf FW
  • IPMC FW with 12V on gives 0.13A on 48V
  • ESM required ECO to pull EN high (connected it via R249)
  • networking not working. Unknown.
  • try to power up zynq supplies via wire between R208 and 12V (proper turn on for 12V->4.5/3V converter)
  • with this installed all misc and zynq 4.5,3.0,3.3,1.8 supplies come up. ~370mA

Booting 7 series Zynq

  • Powered up with FW. Using 0.43A on 48V

Si 5344

  • SCLK AND SDA were swapped, fixed in FW
  • xtal was installed incorrectly



Supply voltage (V) current (mA)
1V8 1.792 266
3V3 3.240 1,176
3V3 STBY 3.264 884
1V8 Z 1.8 0.8
3V3 Z 3.256 556
12V Z 11.984 260

I convert: I = ((reg/8) * 40*(10-6V) )/(0.05 ohms)

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