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AMC13 Bench Test Fixture

This page describes a small bench-top test board used for initial power-up and backplane loop-back testing on AMC13 modules. This board provides power (3.3V and 12V) plus loop-back connections on Fabric A and Fabric B. In addition the CLK1 signals are brought out to resistors where they can be checked with an oscilloscope.

Considering a 100+ qty build for FC7 gadgets for tracker in 2019

  • ExpressPCB prices (5 day, ground) 100 @ $672.24, 150 @ $896.12, 200 @ $1120.13
    • Shrink PCB for FPD profile 2 (3.8x2.2) 150 @ $680.33

Proposed power supplies for 12V from AC and 3.3V from 12V:

Changes from Rev 1 to Re 2:

  • Tie J1-41 (ENABLE#) to GND. Required to power up AMC13. *OMITTED* by accident from Rev 2 layout
  • Provide a convenient scope GND point for clock testing - done
  • Add a header for CLK testing - done
  • Add some sort of computer interface - just a SIP header for Ethernet for now

Changes for Rev 3:

  • Add Ethernet SFP connection

Reference info: