AMC13 Bench Test Fixture

This page describes a small bench-top test board used for initial power-up and backplane loop-back testing on AMC13 modules. This board provides power (3.3V and 12V) plus loop-back connections on Fabric A and Fabric B. In addition the CLK1 signals are brought out to resistors where they can be checked with an oscilloscope.

Proposed power supplies for 12V from AC and 3.3V from 12V:

Changes from Rev 1 to Re 2:

  • Tie J1-41 (ENABLE#) to GND. Required to power up AMC13. *OMITTED* by accident from Rev 2 layout
  • Provide a convenient scope GND point for clock testing - done
  • Add a header for CLK testing - done
  • Add some sort of computer interface - just a SIP header for Ethernet for now

Changes for Rev 3:

  • Add Ethernet SFP connection

Reference info:

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