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     1=== Installation ===
     3Obtain a copy of Altium Designer.  Licensing from the EE department currently supports the "Summer 09" release.
     4You can download it from the EDF server as follows:
     6* Connect to network share <tt>\\\public</tt>
     7* Navigate to the Altium folder, and download the most recent zip file
     8* Extract the zip file, run setup.exe in the setup folder.
     10When you run the application for the first time, you will need to click the "setup private license server" option,
     11and enter the information found on [ this page]
     12(current server name is ''''''', port is '''21001''')
     14You will also need to create an account for yourself on the Altium website and log in.  I don''t remember the
     15exact details but ask if you need help.  Once you log in you should see a page with a heading ''''Available Licenses - Licensed to Boston University'''.  Find the heading '''Altium Designer Custom Board Implementation, Summer 09''' , select one of the lines with available licenses, and then click "Use" to check a license out.
     17''''Note:''' currently we share a small number of licenses with the ECE department in an informal way.  ''Please release your license'' when you are not actively using it.
     19The best documentation I''ve found is on this page:
     21* [ Getting Started]
     23Find the tutorial "[ Getting Started with PCB Design]
     24and work through it.