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As of AMC13XG firmware version 0x2257, please note the following change:

"The TTS output clock frequency in loop back mode is now 160.31MHz and very close to four times that of the actual TTC clock. The output of TTS in loop back mode is not an 80MHz clock any more, but a true TTC stream with BcntRes"

This is a small board which converts an electrical clock signal into an optical clock signal for use in AMC13 test stands. The PCB layout was done with ExpressPCB.

The board accommodates a SiLabs? Si590 programmable oscillator, with the nominal frequency chosen as 80.160 MHz (LHC nom. 40.08 MHz * 2). A jumper option allows an external clock to be input.

Requires 5V power from micro-USB (e.g. any phone charger or computer).

Assembly notes:

  • LEDs must be installed with longer lead in round pad
  • Be sure to install 2 inductors and 4 capacitors on the bottom (see notes).

PCB Design -- Latest (Rev 3)

PCB Design (Rev 2)

PCB Design (Rev 1)

ECOs (fixed in v2)

  • pin 1 of JP1 not connected
  • pin 14 of U2 not connected
  • left end of C9 spuriously connected to 3.3V
  • U2-15 and U2-17 must be tied to GND