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This is a small board which converts an electrical clock signal into an optical clock signal for use in AMC13 test stands. The PCB layout was done with ExpressPCB.

The board accommodates a SiLabs? Si590 programmable oscillator, with the nominal frequency chosen as 80.160 MHz (LHC nom. 40.08 MHz * 2). A jumper option allows an external clock to be input.

Requires 5V power from micro-USB (e.g. any phone charger or computer).

Assembly notes:

  • LEDs must be installed with longer lead in round pad
  • Be sure to install 2 inductors and 4 capacitors on the bottom (see notes).

PCB Design -- Latest (Rev 3)

  • PCB Layout: PCB PDF (very small changes to improve solderablility in V3)
    • Note: design file was not updated until 3/29/16 for V3
  • Parts List: XLS (about US$30 per board for parts)
  • Back side parts placement: PDF
  • DigiKey Invoice from last parts order
  • 3-D printable box for the PCB: top bottom

PCB Design (Rev 2)

PCB Design (Rev 1)

ECOs (fixed in v2)

  • pin 1 of JP1 not connected
  • pin 14 of U2 not connected
  • left end of C9 spuriously connected to 3.3V
  • U2-15 and U2-17 must be tied to GND