AMC13 Production 2019/2020

See AMC13ProductionT1Problem for discussion of T1 fab issues


Qty Customer Contact Funding Paid? Notes Ship Info?
5 CMS-HCAL J. Dittman Rohlf grant yes 2019 money
6 CMS-IT Demigrali grant yes* See note (1) below
16 CMS-OT Y. Gershtein Petra Merkel yes FNAL PO received Yes
10 g-2 L. Gibbons Monica Schultz yes FNAL PO received Yes
1 CMS Muons M. Holmann FIT PO yes FIT PO received Yes
1 CMS Muons M. Matveev Rice PO yes in progress Yes

Additional orders 2021

Qty Customer Contact Funding Paid? Notes Ship Info?
1 CMS-OT K. Klein (Aachen) Petra Merkel not yet FNAL PO in process Yes


(1) 4 paid, on IT R&D funds, 2 outstanding on additional $$$ received (as of 11/1/20)


1 CMS-RPC B. Boghrati ?? no (team acct?) behzad.boghrati@…
1 CMS-GEM G.D. Lentdecker ?? pay via TID…

Total 2

Shipping Details

16 Boards (ref FNAL PO 669736) to:

Owner: CMS-OT User: (leave blank) Track: 1Z0159190394189383

  Petra Merkel
  Fermilab, M.S. 205
  P.O. Box 500
  Batavia, IL 60510-0500

10 Boards (ref FNAL PO 669722) to:

Owner: Muon g-2 User: (leave blank) Track: 1Z0159190399053019

Fermilab, Receiving Dept
Wilson & Kirk Roads
Batavia, IL USA 60510-0500
Attn: Muon g-2 (MC-1 Building)
c/o Brendan Casey, MS 342

1 Board (ref Rice PO X0255215) to:

Owner: Rice University User: Mike Matveev Track: 1Z0159190392069793

Mike Matveev
Herman Brown Hall, Room 230A
Rice University, 6100 Main Street
Houston TX 77005
ph. 713-348-4744

1 Board (ref FIT P:O P0059160) to:

Owner: FIT User: Marcus Hohlmann Track: 1Z0159190398743623

Prof. Marcus Hohlmann
Dept. of Aerospace, Physics & Space Sciences
F.W. Olin Physical Science Building
Florida Institute of Technology
150 W. University Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901  USA          
Phone: +1 (321) 674-7275

5 boards for CMS HCAL (J. Dittman). Ship to CERN:

Owner: CMS HCAL User: J. Dittman Track: DHL 6203118935

Tina Vernon
CERN - 591-008
CH-1211 Geneve 23

6 boards for CMS IT (Z. Demiragli). Ship to CERN? (t.b.d.)

Owner: CMS-IT User: (leave blank)

1 board for CMS RPC (B. Boghrati). Requested ship 11/23/20

Owner: CMS-RPC User: B. Boghrati.

Maxime Gouzevitch 
Building 904-R-D20, RPC lab
Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire, CERN PREVESSIN 
F-01631 CERN Cedex

tel. +41754111454 

1 board for CMS GEM (G.D. Lentdecker)

Owner: CMS-GEM User: G. De Lentdecker

ULB, CAMPUS PLEIN VUB – Bdg G – Office 0G125
Receptiedienst VUB
1050 Brussels

Phone : +32 2 629 32 24

Older Info

Hi Karl,
  for the record, I recorded the following Inner Tracker new requests for AMC13:
- CERN **+1**
- ETH **+1**
- PSI **+1**
- Uni Zurich **+1**
- Torino/INFN **+2** (1 for Torino and 1 spare for Italy in general)


  • G-2: 10 (Lawrence Gibbons)
  • CMS tracker: 10 (Stefano Mersi) (6 IT + 4? OT)
  • CMS-GEM: "a few" (Kevin Black)
  • CMS-HCAL: 5
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