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ADC Board Layout Notes

Items to be Checked

  • To be added...

Required Changes

  • Add level shifters on signals RESET, SEN, SCLK, SDATA, SDOUT and GAIN0...GAIN5.
  • Traces on bottom should pass only over GND plane, not A3.3V. Can fix this by making a change to the A3.3V/GND boundary. [Eric 10/24/17]

  • Part number on balun (T1) is wrong; change from CX156NL to CX2156NL. DigiKey catalog number 553-1499-ND is correct.
  • Change value for C10 from "OMIT" to "0.1uF".
  • Add zero ohm resistor between AGND and GND nets. This should span the AGND/GND split near U1.