Push-Pull 6V6 amp (~ 10WPC)

This could possibly be a first kit or commercial amp. Hammond iron and tube rectification is appealing, but relatively expensive.

Seems like it might need a pre-amp stage. Maybe the cascade tubes "universal preamp"?

After reading a lot of negative reviews of various pre-amps, put this on hold for now.

Notes from "Jim_O" on diyaudioprojects forum:

The original schematic showed an option to use EL84 / 6BQ5 tubes instead of the 6V6. Just a different cathode resistor. If I had to do it over again I probably would have used the EL84's. Beefier tube and probably a little more output. About the only place I deviated from the original design was the power supply. I used an Antek toroid PT (ugly but effective) AS1T230 with two 230 vac secondaries. I connected them in series, forming a 460 vac CT winding and fed a 2-diode full-wave rectifier setup, feeding a CRC filter with two 250 uf electrolytics and a 50 ohm , 10-watt resistor in between. That gave me a little over 300 vdc B+. I used AC for the heaters. No audible hiss or hum.

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